Fire Prevention Services

The Fire Prevention activities are overseen by the Fire Chief - currently assigned as Fire Marshal. The goal of the Fire Prevention Bureau is to safeguard the community from fire and environmental hazards through programs providing for adherence to fire regulations, public education, and hazard mitigation.


To meet this goal, the Bureau's responsibilities include:

  • Plan check for Fire and Life Safety requirements
  • Issuance of fire permits
  • Conduct Fire and Life Safety inspections (Through engine company and specialty inspections)
  • Administration of Vegetation Management Program
  • Investigations of fires and participate in the Stanislaus County Fire Investigation Unit
  • Disseminate public information
  • Develop and coordinate a variety of public education and fire safety awareness programs for area schools and the community
  • Provide Water Flow readings to ensure the proper design of Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Participate in Pre-Development meetings to assist in the implementation of Fire and Life Safety components in the design phase of new construction