Street Tree Information

City Tree Guidelines

For helpful information regarding neighborhood trees please see our Tree Brochure (PDF).

The City of Ceres has developed guidelines to assist Landscape Architects, planners and designers to specify the types of trees to be planted in order to create a more beautiful and unified City. Homeowners can also benefit, as they will be able to use these guidelines as a reference to make informed choices when planting trees.

Street trees will grow for many years, and they must be properly placed and intelligently managed to maximize effects and minimize problems. There are many growth characteristics and tree forms in street trees, and attention needs to be made to the trees you choose for your project. The City of Ceres Master Tree List (PDF) is provided for your viewing.

New tree planting standards were established in September 2012 to minimize problems due to trees. See the following specification sheets for proper tree planting. Whether the City or a homeowner plants a new tree, these standards must be closely followed:

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    2650 Fowler Road
    Ceres, CA 95307

Ceres Grid Prune Policy

Ceres City Council Study Sessions were held in 2012 and 2013 to consider an ongoing maintenance program for City Street Trees. Council directed staff to continue with current maintenance policies and to provide recommendations for cost effective services.

As part of a contract services agreement, West Coast Arborists, Inc., began working with the City of Ceres in 2013 to provide tree maintenance along with a complete inventory of the trees located in the City Right of Ways.

The survey data was collected for each address and includes tree species, parkway type, botanical and common name and other information. The inventory was completed by the end of 2013.

The City Grid Prune Program began in 2014 starting with District One of its Five Districts. Each District is pruned every five years. Trees considered “at risk” before its scheduled Grid Prune year will be done as needed.

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