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Water is a valuable resource in California, it is our mission to provide safe and effective drinking water to all of our residents. Using our resources wisely will help us fill the needs of people, industries, businesses, and farms. State Certified Water Distribution and Water Treatment Operators are responsible for the day to day operation, maintenance, and repair of the City's water system. With a staff of 9, the water division maintains 15 active wells located throughout the City, two of these wells are currently being treated for Uranium and Arsenic. Operation of two above ground water storage tanks that hold 3.8 million gallons of water combined. We currently have a staff of 9 to maintain;

  • Water wells and pumping stations
  • Water quality monitoring, sampling, and reporting
  • Routing flushing and valve exercising
  • Water Meter Program
  • Backflow & Cross Connection Program
  • Water System repair and maintenance
  • Water Conservation

Water Meters;
Meter readings for the purpose of billing occur on the 1st day of every month. This reading (current reading) will be subtracted from the previous reading to give you a total consumption. Your bill is based on two factors; the size of the meter, and usage. See Water Rates Schedule to determine your actual costs.

Each meter sends several hundred hourly readings 4 times per day. With this information, we are able to display usage graphs hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly for you as well as determine if staff needs to visit the meter for any alarms. These graphs can be viewed at by simply creating an account.

Cross-Connection & Backflow Control Program;

To keep your drinking water safe, the City’s Cross-Connection specialist diligently checks the plans of each new business for compliance with cross-connection/backflow requirements. When a property is renovated, a backflow assembly may be required. Per the City’s Municipal Code, each unit must be tested annually at the expense of the owner.

What Is a Cross-Connection?

A cross-connection is any connection between your drinking water and any other source of water that combines the two when a backflow condition occurs; typically resulting in contamination of the water system.

What Is a Backflow?

Backflow occurs when the water in your pipes (after the water meter, in your building/facility) goes backward (opposite its normal direction). There are two situations that can cause the water to go backward (backflow):

  • Backpressure – when the pressure in your pipes is greater than the pressure coming in.
  • Back-siphonage – when there is a reduction of pressure in the water distribution system
All backflow prevention assemblies are to be tested annually at the owner’s expense. (Ceres Municipal Code 6.16 and California Health and Safety Code 116800-116820.) If you would like to view a list of certified testers, download our list (PDF).

City of Ceres Water System Historical Information;

Reports and Studies;

Consumer Confidence Report: The following reports are provided on this website for your review:

2013 ConsumerConfidenceReport   (English)   (Spanish)
2014 ConsumerConfidenceReport   (English)   (Spanish)
2015 ConsumerConfidenceReport   (English)   (Spanish)
2016 ConsumerConfidenceReport   (English)   (Spanish)

City of Ceres Water Rate Study

Water System Update 2014

2015 Urban Water Management Plan
2015 Urban Water Management Plan Appendices

The East Stanislaus Regional Water Management Partnership was formed in 2011 to create the East Stanislaus Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) planning region and begin the planning process.

An IRWM Plan will be developed for the Region to identify projects and measures to be implemented to meet the Region's water goals. For more information see


Urban Water Management Plan


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