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Water Resources Analyst: Loretta Webb
Phone: (209) 538-5688
Email: Loretta.Webb@ci.ceres.ca.us

Photo of Water Restrictions

  • Outdoor watering prohibited daily from 12:00 noon to 7:00 pm
  • Odd-numbered addresses watering days are Wednesday and Sunday
  • Even-numbered addresses watering days are Tuesday and Saturday
  • No watering allowed on Monday, Thursday and Friday's

Penalties for Water Waste

1st offense is a Warning
2nd offense is a $20 fine
3rd offense is a $100 fine
4th offense is a $250 fine
5th offense is a $500 fine
Drought Stage 2
Subsequent citations within one calendar year from warning will be a $500 fine each.

The City of Ceres is committed to partnering with our residents on water saving technology and equipment to better utilize the produced water supply. The City currently offers home water audits, setting of irrigation systems and rebate programs for toilets, washing machines, dishwashers, smart irrigation controllers and turf replacement.

As of April 2017 only 1% of the state is currently in the severe drought stage. Due to these facts, the Governor has lifted the Emergency Regulation for water conservation. However, the City’s stage II of the drought preparedness resolution remains in effect until further notice. Although the state of California has seen substantial precipitation during the current water year, the City urges our residents to remember that the next drought could be right around the corner and that water conservation is a way of life.

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Alliance for Water Efficiency

Save Our Water - Californians Don't Waste

The City of Ceres allows water waivers for the following reasons:

  • Health / Safety: California health & Safety Code.
  • Livelihood: Businesses that depend on water usage such as painters, pool contractors, irrigation contractors.
  • Irrigation: Check system, installation & maintenance
  • Contact the Public Works Department office to request a waiver at
    (209) 538-5732 during business hours

For a complete set of rules and regulations with regards to the City’s Water Conservation Program, review the municipal code, section 13.04.130

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