Chaplains Are Called Upon To:

Provide support, encouragement and counsel to our Officers, other members of the Department, and their families.

Chaplains Badge

Be available to our officers and department personnel when there are special needs such as sickness, injury or officer  involved shootings.

Serve as part of the Crisis Response Team.

Equip Officers in areas such as stress management, ethics, family life and finances.

Provide comfort, support and counsel to the Ceres community when there are crisis situations.  This includes: making death notifications; assisting victims of crimes, accidents and fires; helping families who have lost a loved one, especially an unexpected death or suicide; helping families who are having serious difficulty coping with life.

Serve as a liaison with other clergy in the community.

Chaplain's Mission Statement

The Ceres Police Chaplains are a departmental resource that provides emotional and spiritual support to Law Enforcement Officers and their families, other department members, and the community.

The support they provide to the department and the community is offered to all people, regardless of race, gender, creed or religion. Regardless of the Chaplain's own personal faith, they will be available to serve anyone in need.

Requirements to be a Chaplain

All Ceres Police Chaplains meet the criteria spelled out by the International Conference of Police Chaplains.  This means they have met the training standards and hold credentials in a religious organization.  They are also required to have several years of experience in pastoral support and counseling.

Apply to be a Chaplain