The following projects were funded by a grant from CalRecycle which diverted waste tires from California landfills:

CalRecycle Funded Projects

1) Mitchell Road Overlay, Phase IV

​    (Roeding Rd to Service Rd)
    ​Asphalt Rubberized Hot-Mix
    ​No. of CA Waste Tires Used: 6,537
    ​Project Start: August 31, 2018
    ​Project Completion: October 11, 2018

2) 2018 Pavement Preservation Project

​     Magnolia St (El Camino to Tenth St)
     Kinser Rd (Blaker Rd to Railroad Ave)
     ​Richard Way (Richland Ave to Central Ave)
     ​Fowler Rd (Moffett Rd to Ceres Main Canal)
    ​ Rubberized Chip Seal
     ​No. of CA Waste Tires Used: 4,187
     ​Project Start: September 17, 2018
     ​Project Completion: November 2, 2018