Residential Collection and Disposal Service

The City has an exclusive franchise waste agreement with Bertolotti Disposal to collect garbage, recyclables, organics, bulky items, and leaf and limb piles within the city limits.

To start or stop garbage, organics, and/or recycling services, please call the City of Ceres Utilities Department at (209) 538-5757 or by email

For a missed cart collection pickup, please call Bertolotti Disposal at 209-537-1500.

City of Ceres residential garbage customers have three different colored carts to separate their waste. 

Blue Cart- The blue cart is for recyclables such as aluminum and plastic beverage containers, plastic jugs, and unsoiled paper such as newspaper, junk mail and copy paper.

Green Cart- The green cart is for organics such as food waste, grass clippings, yard waste, and food soiled paper.

Black/Grey Cart- The Black/Grey cart is for all other garbage that is not considered hazardous waste.  

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