Once I'm offered a position, what's next?

Your job offer with the City of Ceres will be conditioned on successfully passing the post-offer drug screen and fingerprint check. You also may be required to undergo a background check, take a post-offer pre-employment medical exam and/or a functional test to determine your physical ability to perform the job's essential duties. A Public Safety or an Emergency Services candidate is also required to undergo a psychological evaluation and for some positions a polygraph test.

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2. Can I apply for a position online?
3. I am interested in working for the City of Ceres, but you do not have any positions available. Can I send you a copy of my resume for any future openings?
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5. How will I be notified at the close of recruitment?
6. If I am turned down for a position, can I apply again in the future?
7. Once I'm offered a position, what's next?