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  1. Please select the date of your park reservation, facility rental, or class start date, and Time.

  2. This is the name of the person who is the main account holder.

  3. Only enter an email address that we may communicate with you about this matter.

  4. This is the address on the account.

  5. Please only leave a number you are okay with us leaving a message on regarding this matter.

  6. If you booked a park or indoor facility reservation you will have a permit #. You can find this on your receipt/permit you were given or emailed on the date you booked your reservation. 

    If you registered for a class/program you will have a class #. You can find this on the receipt you were given or emailed on the day you registered. 

    If you can not find this please call the Recreation Center for assistance. 209-538-5628 

  7. Briefly tell us why you want to cancel, reschedule, or transfer. 

  8. This field is only for Class or Program requests. We need to know who is actually registered. 

  9. If applicable: Please list the reschedule dates desired or the new class you would like to transfer to. 

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