Measure H Street Address Locator


The City of Ceres provides and maintains the "City Limit Address Locator" as a courtesy to the public. While the City attempts to keep the information accurate and timely, it neither warrants nor makes representations or endorsements as to the accuracy of the information presented. The information has been compiled from a variety of sources and is subject to change at any time and without notice from the City of Ceres as a result of updates, additions and corrections.

Numbered Streets

Street Street Numbers Within City Limits
2nd Street
2004 through 2800
3rd Street
2004 through 2944
4th Street
2004 through 3210
5th Street
1900 through 3052
6th Street
2001 through 3608
7th Street
1201 through 3238
8th Street
3004 through 3237
9th Street
2504 through 3699
10th Street
2500 through 3641