Connecting to City Sewer

A Sewer Connection concerns residents who are not currently connected to the City sewer and are currently using a septic tank. To connect to City sewer, follow these parameters:

  • Residents interested in connecting to City sewer are required to obtain a Sewer Connection Permit.
  • In addition to obtaining a sewer connection permit residents must also hire a licensed contractor to make the connection according to City standards and obtain building and encroachment permits.
  • Existing septic tanks must be abandoned. This can be done by punching holes in the bottom and then filling the tank with earth.
  • A Building Permit must be obtained prior to connecting the new connection to the house. The Building Permit may be obtained at the Building Inspection counter at:
    Ceres City Hall Annex
    2220 Magnolia Street
    Ceres, CA 95307
  • Water/Sewer Connection Fees (PDF)
  • Sewer Connection and Service Application (PDF)
  • Connections outside the City Limits require City Council approval and agreement to Annex.
  • Fees increase on July 1 of every year.

Please call the Engineering Division at 209-538-5792. They will tell you the availability of sewer at your residence and the associated connection costs. Encroachment and building permits are required.