City Motto & Seal

Together We AchieveCity Seal

When looking at the City Seal one cannot help but notice the motto "Together We Achieve." In thinking about these words it becomes apparent that they can and should be more than a slogan. These words have the potential to be a dynamic statement of empowerment and commitment.

The statement "Together We Achieve" acknowledges the interconnection of all municipal services in the common goal of delivering service to the citizens of Ceres. No single department, function or employee independently serves our community. Each one of us is dependent upon another in the performance of our professional responsibilities. Our successes and failures are largely a result of the understanding and commitment we demonstrate in fully realizing this interconnected relationship. As we perform our respective duties it is imperative that we are ever mindful that our dedication to the task at hand has a direct impact upon the effectiveness and efficiency of the our organization as a whole. Each employee must be willing to accept the challenge of contributing to an organization committed to the value that participation from all levels is essential. When any of us falters we suffer as a group, just as when any of us performs at an exemplary level "Together We Achieve."