Code Enforcement

The Ceres Police Department's Code Enforcement Unit is responsible for ensuring private properties and public grounds comply with our municipal codes through education and enforcement methods.

The job duties of our Code Enforcement Officers are wide and varied and include some of the following:

  • Condemning unsafe buildings
  • Enforcing zoning regulations
  • Excess signage
  • Unsightly lawns and/or yards
  • Verifying business permits

To report a Code Enforcement issue, please contact our Code Enforcement Unit at 209-538-5799 or use the link below to submit an online request.

Submit Code Enforcement Request

Abandoned Vehicle Abatement (AVA) Unit

To address the continuous problem of abandoned vehicles accumulating throughout the community, the Police Department has one part-time officer who patrols the community and abates vehicle that have been abandoned in public places, on streets, in parking lots and, in special circumstances, on private property. The AVA Unit is responsible for the removal of approximately 1300 vehicles annually.

To report abandoned vehicles, or in the event your vehicle is towed as “abandoned,” please call 209-538-5619.